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Geared Reaction

FIRST® Tech Challenge Team #6559

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February 6, 2022

State Championship Recognition!

Team 6559 Geared Reaction earned recognition in multiple areas at the FIRST Washington FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship Tournament!

All of their hard work throughout the season earned the team a well deserved Design Award win as well as runner-up for the Motivate Award! Although did not advance to the FIRST World Championships, we have had an outstanding year and still have a lot of work remaining to close out this season and set ourselves up for success next season and beyond.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, coaches, mentors, family, and friends who have supported us this season!

January 15, 2022

Inspire Award Winners!

Team 6559 Geared Reaction earned the Inspire Award at the FIRST Washington FIRST Tech Challenge Watt Interleague Tournament this past Saturday! From our veteran team members to the newest additions to the team this season, this is a reflection of all the hard work and dedication each and every teammate has put into making this season a success.

In addition, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without the support of our sponsors, coaches, mentors, family, and friends. Thank you to all who have supported us!

We are excited to see what is in store at the FIRST Washington State Championships in a few weeks!

Our Team

Alana C.
Outreach Captain
Adam R.
Engineering Captain
Wes L.
Programming Captain

Our Coaches & Mentors

Kris S.
Jennifer C.
Jennifer M.
Faculty Advisor

Our Robots



FREIGHT FRENZY • 2021-2022

State Championships

Design Award – 1st Place
Motivate Award – 2nd Place

Watt Interleague

Inspire Award – 1st Place
Control Award – 2nd Place
Innovate Award – 2nd Place